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With our free scheduling software app, you can put the shift schedule in every employee pocket. They will be notified of the work schedule when published, any schedule updates or requests, and organization-wide announcements.

Team schedule communication

Struggling to get the word out to every employee?

Getting the word out to employees for a big event or policy change is more difficult than you’d think. It requires persistence and time that our Managers don’t often have. Right now we use email, but not everyone checks theirs on a regular basis and calling each employee takes way to long. When you factor in the way our managers handle requests (they sometimes forget) such as time off, availability changes and shift swaps by writing down reminders on sticky notes. It goes to show how the lack of a suitable internal communication process can affect your business.

Overcome employee communication challenges

The Platinum Schedules free mobile app and internal messaging platform helps you overcome all of your communication challenges. For big events or policy changes, managers can send out blasts through our internal messaging system that gets received through the mobile app and email depending on the employee’s communication settings. We’ve also made it effortless for managers to handle requests. Employees can make any scheduling request right from the mobile app and the manager is instantly notified to approve or reject it.

Employee access to scheduling needs

Tired of employee schedule excuses and complaints?

Employees are always complaining that they don’t know their work schedule and that requesting time off, a change in availability or a swap-shift is annoying because its time consuming and not as easy as it could be. They want to know the status of their request sooner rather than later because it helps them plan around their shift schedule.

Streamline how you manage employee work schedules

With Platinum Schedules, employees have the option to download our free mobile app to ensure they are always connected while having the ability to receive news/blasts and instantly make requests such as time off, availability changes and swap shifts. Managers can immediately respond with one click, so nobody has to wait.

Mobile schedule-management

Having a hard time filling dropped shifts?

Employees like to complain about their schedule and tend to have negative feelings towards it when it doesn’t fit their needs. This results in dropped shifts that are often hard to fill at the last minute. You could end up short-staffed for the shift which hurts your customer experience. This frustrating experience can be avoided with the right scheduling tools.

Ensure no scheduled shift is left unfilled

By giving employees mobile access to their schedule with the additional ability to make requests and manage shifts, your employees will feel more empowered over their schedule and be more likely to swap shifts in advance, so you don’t get left hanging. But, if an employee does drop a shift at the last second we’ve made it easy to quickly offer it up to any qualified employee with one click.

Reduce employee absenteeism

Do your employees always show up for scheduled shifts?

When employees trade shifts and make requests, they are often hard to stay on top of. Once an employee places a request, they assume it’s taken care of and they are no longer responsible. This puts you in such a bind with shifts being left open and nobody to pick them up. And, employees believe that have a legitimate excuse not to show up.

Make management tasks a priority

Platinum Schedules helps eliminate any confusion if an employee calls in sick or can’t make their shift. They can either offer it to all employees or as a manager; you can offer or re-assign it to a different employee ahead of time or at the last second. While doing this, you know all of the involved parties know of the shift status and any changes.

Also included are these awesome work scheduling app features…

Manage Schedule Requests

Our task organizer allows managers to prioritize the most important tasks for staff to complete. Using the advanced task manager app, following up on incomplete tasks only takes seconds.

Fill Open Shifts

Managers can offer open shifts to team members. At the same time employees can offer up shifts to other employees right from their iPhone or Android anytime, anywhere.

Edit the Schedule

Easily update the employee work schedule on-the-go. Add new shifts to schedule, edit existing shifts and automatically notify staff by hitting the “Publish” button.