Create better shift schedules in 1/4 of the time with Platinum Schedules.

Employee scheduling and delivery

Create work schedules in minutes

Creating employee schedules can be a time consuming and frustrating task especially when employee availability changes from week to week. With Platinum Schedules, your labor scheduling will be fast and easy. If there aren’t significant changes, you can easily copy or load a schedule template for those special occasions.

Deliver work schedules in seconds

Trying to make sure all your employees receive their weekly work schedule can be a hassle. Whether an employee was left off the email with the weekly schedule by mistake or you forgot to give them the schedule print out, problems arise where there shouldn’t be any. With Platinum Schedules when your employee schedule is ready, delivering it to your team is simple. All you have to do is hit “Publish” and all of your employees receive the work schedule through email and mobile app.

Conflict-free work schedules

Avoid labor rule breaches

Avoiding costly penalties that result from labor rule breaches is essential to the profitability of your business. Platinum Schedules provides preemptive labor rule alerts. Whether it’s overtime, break laws or maximum hours resulting from the Affordable Care Act (ACA), you’ll be alerted of labor law breaches during the schedule creation process so you can avoid costly violations.

Avoid scheduling conficts

It happens, Managers forget an employee request. That time off or change in employee availability request could be written anywhere. Maybe on some sticky note in the office. Precious time and money is wasted when shifts get dropped and are left unfilled. Being left shoftstaffed may make it impossible to provide customers with the best experience possible. When you schedule with Platinum Schedules, you’ll see time off displayed on the schedule. If you schedule an employee during a time they are unavailable, you’ll see an alert reminding you to fix it before publishing the daily or weekly schedule.

Manage the schedule with ease

Instantly handle employee requests

Dealing with employee requests can be a tedious and often time-consuming task when you factor in how many schedule requests you have to deal with on a weekly basis. Managers spend hours trying to find shift replacements and remembering which employee needs time off on any given day or week. With Platinum Schedules, you’ll have no problem managing employee requests. The mobile app provides your team instant visibility into any request. When an employee makes a request, you’ll instantly know about it and have the option to accept or reject it immediately.

Quickly fill dropped shifts

Situations come up where an employee can’t make their scheduled shift at the last second, and it always puts your supervisors in a bind. Platinum Schedules saves you time from ever having to call employees to find a replacement. If you find out an employee can’t make a shift at the last second, quickly offer their shift to any if not all employees to pick up. And, all of this can be done in minutes.


And lots more features with our online schedule maker…


Free scheduling support

Our support team is only a phone call away. We want you to be successful in seeing the value online schedule maker software can have on your employee scheduling, so we help you whenever you need it.


Multi-platform Accessibility

Access work schedules and employee requests on any desktop, tablet or mobile device. Rest assured consistent customer experience is delivered by putting standard operating procedures in the hands of your staff at all times.


Scheduling Shortcuts

Do you have special hours and schedules for different holidays throughout the year? Our schedule maker lets you save your favorite templates than can be used anytime. You can also copy any work schedule from week-to-week.


Labor Budgeting Tools

Hold managers accountable for the cost of labor. Daily and weekly budget goals display as a guide on the schedule along with fixed position time allowances making it easy to avoid over or underscheduling employees.


Employee Management

Quickly import your employees from an excel list to start scheduling immediately. Later adjustments can be made to employee availability, their ratings at each position, and notes to identify over or underachieving employees.


Labor Forecasting Integration

With Platinum Forecast, our sales and labor forecasting engine, you have the ability to predict your business based on the sales and transaction volumes to better schedule employees and reduce labor costs up to 25%.